The benefits of bread in your daily exercise

Eating well when practicing sports is essential to keep the quality of your workout high over time. Therefore, what you need is “combustible food”, starting with wholemeal or multigrain bread. A true ally of athletes, this raw bread can store a lot of energy for your body.

Before training, carbohydrates are what you need the most because they provide the energy you need for your athletic performance.

Moreover, before and during training, it is better to avoid products rich in fats and proteins that, in general, weigh on the stomach because our body takes longer to assimilate them.

It is also recommended to eat wholemeal bread because it’s rich in nutrients. With that said, some runners prefer to eat a slice of white bread before exercise. For a person who trains at all levels, sessions must be accompanied by an adequate and balanced diet tailored to their goals.

If you are used to taking large amounts of proteins, don’t forget that your body also needs a good carbohydrate intake. However, such intake should not be excessive; rather, it should be well balanced and regulated.

Should you eat wholemeal bread before muscle-building training? Wholemeal bread is a food rich in fibre, minerals, and vitamins. In addition, wholemeal bread also has more moderate sugar content. The result is the perfect glycaemic index, which can provide the daily carbohydrate requirement for an athlete.

What to eat with wholemeal bread?

Since you cannot live with mere bread, what should you eat together with it? Here are some tips on how to eat wholemeal bread before sports:

  • Swap 50% of the refined cereals we usually eat with whole-grain cereals. This will allow us to reduce the absorption of fats and simple sugars, to keep blood sugar and cholesterol under control, to be less hungry, and to reduce the risk of taking fat mass.

  • Eat bread at the beginning of the day. This habit will allow the athlete to ensure the regeneration of his glycogen reserve and to have much more energy. In other words, eating wholemeal bread in the morning promotes endurance and increases the feeling of satiety.

  • Eat whole grains at different times of the day and with simple spreads. If you choose richer and more elaborate preparations, such as meat sauces or cheese, you should consider them as a single dish.

  • Adjust the consumption of wholemeal or multigrain bread according to the objectives and the daily diet. For reference, for each intake, you can eat 100 grams of wholemeal bread combined with another food with a small fat and sugar intake. Don’t forget the proteins in this case. For a muscle definition program, 50 g of wholemeal or multigrain bread will be perfect, accompanied by a little sugar and fat, but also 40g of proteins.

  • Eat fruit, either sliced or squeezed (juices are also allowed, but without sugar) at breakfast. Fruit will increase the intake of nutrients, such as vitamins and minerals, provided by wholemeal bread. This type of diet is perfect for starting a day, but also before doing a workout.

  • Eat wholemeal, multigrain or rye bread 30 minutes before each exercise for proper assimilation.

  • Eat more on the days you exercise. For example, one or two additional slices of bread, accompanied by a garnish, a handful of nuts, dates or other dried fruit and a portion of yoghurt with cereals and fruit. If, on the other hand, you have a constant and intensive aerobic activity, such as a marathon, it is very important to have a constant and higher intake of carbohydrates.

  • Do you want to recharge your energy quickly during a workout? For example, eat a slice of bread with a banana and/or honey or a slice of bread and raisins. They will provide you with quickly assimilated sugars and a good source for strength training.

Whether you are a sportsperson or not, eating wholemeal bread is an easy way to consume unrefined cereals. For a person training at any level, training sessions must be accompanied by an adequate and balanced diet. This means that it is important to have a diet that is suited to your training goals.

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