Our Story

Our Story

With our range of over one hundred traditional French style breads, pastries and sweets, Bakers Maison par and fully-baked frozen products will impress your customers with the delicious, honest and heart-warming taste of France, no matter what the occasion.

Steeped in centuries of time-honoured French baking traditions, our recipes use only natural, mostly Australian ingredients and contain no added sugar or preservatives.

The best of France within minutes!

By baking our products as you need them, you can treat your customers to the smell and taste of freshly baked bread within minutes – all while not having to worrying about excess products going to waste.

That’s the beauty of using Bakers Maison products. We’ve taken the hard work out of traditional French style baking with our easy to store, no mess, and no fuss products.

Bakers Maison products are distributed to the food service sector throughout Australia via an extensive distribution network, ensuring efficient delivery and service no matter where you are located.